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Xinhuanet enters partnership with NYIF

Aug 11, 2014
Xinhuanet entered a partnership with leading financial education training provider the New York Institute of Finance (NYIF) after inking a strategic cooperation agreement on Thursday in Beijing.

"China's Internet market is developing very fast," Xinhuanet CEO Tian Shubin told Lee Arthur, Managing Director, New York Institute of Finance & Execsense.

Xinhuanet CEO Tian Shubin (R) and Lee Arthur, Managing Director of New York Institute of Finance & Execsense, attend a ceremony for signing the framework agreement on establishing strategic partnership between the two institutions in Beijing, capital of China, July 24, 2014. (Xinhuanet/Chen Jingchao)
Tian introduced Internet development in China, as well as Xinhuanet's efforts in achieving self-breakthrough during strategic transformation.

He expressed the expectation of future cooperation in the field of online financial education.

Tian said the number of Internet users in China is twice as large as the U.S. population. Many Internet users not only want to get information and entertainment, but also enhance the personal quality and income and make more friends.

"In view of such kind of market expectation, my team begins to try to enter the field of online education," Tian said, "In this process, Xinhuanet can rely on its advantages of training brands, credibility, user groups and other resources, which can be promoted to the online education field through effective marketing. At the same time, Xinhuanet has been keep looking for great Internet content products for our users."

Lee Arthur said that media companies have a huge advantage in the Internet industry. As one of the world's leading Internet companies, Xinhuanet has a wealth of rich industry experience.

He hoped that in the future cooperation, Xinhuanet can give NYIF more support and help.

During the meeting, the two sides also discussed the development trends of financial markets, and explored the space for further cooperation.

"I am deeply impressed by NYIF's rich experience, excellent training courses and outstanding talents in the field of finance industry," Tian said.

Both the Xinhuanet and the NYIF are the industry leaders in their respective fields. The cooperation will help to improve their overall competitiveness and brand advantages. It will strengthen the leading position of the NYIF in its professional field, and accelerate the growth of Xinhuanet's online education business.

The two sides will work together to build the training system of the professional financial knowledge, to enhance the capacity of China's financial industry professionals, and to help the financial reform in China.

Within three years, the partners will build influential online education brands including both professional and general training, laying a solid foundation for Xinhuanet's development, they believed.

Xinhuanet now plans to build a top-notch online education system. It will gradually launch more sorts of online training services in the future.

[From Xinhuanet]
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