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Street mural unveiled on Kingsway Bridge

Jun 28, 2012
A 45-METRE street art mural has been unveiled near one of Melbourne's most popular tourist walks.

The Wall was commissioned by Crown Melbourne to brighten up Kingsway Bridge.

Largely designed by Adrian Doyle, the work also includes some of the city's best-known street artists, such as Ha-Ha, Lister, Makatron, Drewfunk and Michael Fikaris.

Crowned: Adrian Doyle (left), Drewfunk, Seb F and James Bonnici contributed to a mural under Kingsway Bridge.
Doyle, the director of Blender Studios in Franklin St, said the work helped bridge the gap between street art and fine art.

"Getting a gig like this was really important," he said.

"We had to lift our game, but it showed we can do massive professional projects."

Created with stencils, paste-up, brushwork and spray, The Wall depicts icons of Melbourne and Australia. Doyle said: "I'm looking forward to seeing what people think of it.

"I hope it will be embraced by the street art and fine art worlds."

[From melbourne-leader]
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